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Stephy  & JoJo


Stephy & JoJo started this beautiful partnership on ...

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Representing Brasilatino Studios:


Stephy & JoJo have burst onto the zouk scene filled with energy and passion, officially partnering in 2021.


Joseph who has always had a love of dancing, spurred on by his older sister and his father, began ballet in his teenage years. He has been involved in just about every competitive sport under the sun until he discovered Brazilian zouk which quickly became his true passion in life. Being an engineer by day he loves to break down the technique and find new and creative ways to approach zouk. Joseph is dedicated beyond measure and has an unwavering thirst for knowledge to improve his understanding of zouk. He was born to be an entertainer, which anyone who has seen his facial expressions during a performance will know!


Steph has a background in gymnastics, cheer leading and pole dancing and dabbled in latin dance before falling completely in love with zouk and the beauty of this addictive dance style. Steph is known for her smile, her infectious enthusiasm and the heart that she puts into her dancing. She travelled to Brasil in 2019 and 2020 to continue growing her dance and got to experience first hand the raw energy that makes zouk what it is. She is passionate about helping others to find their joy in zouk and teaching them to love their dancing. Stephy & JoJo have had an incredible pedigree of teachers to learn from including Arthur & Layssa and Rachel & Wesley. They teach Brazilian Zouk classes at Brasilatino Studios in Adelaide and travel regularly to teach, perform and dance around Australia. They love creating together and put their heart and soul into their videos and performances. They aspire to continue helping the scene grow and share the zouk love and you will find them on the social dance floor until the end every night!



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