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Shannon & Trajano

From Auckland, NewZealand

Coming to BZF all the way from Auckland, New Zealand....

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Shannon Ring is an Instructor, Dancer and Choreographer from her own dance school, Zouk Art with her dance partner Trajano Leydet in New Zealand. She is incredibly excited to be working with Australian dancers again - and can’t wait to connect with you all again!
She has trained in multiple styles of dance in her youth (American Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary), later specializing in Latin and Brazilian Dances. She has competed gaining titles in Salsa, Open Latin and also Dancesport. Her performing and successfully competing Nationally and Internationally in Salsa teams, led her to discover Brazilian dances: Zouk, Samba de Gafiera and Samba no Pe, and has been dancing Zouk for 11+ years together now with her dance partner, Trajano, ever since.
She is passionate about teaching, mentoring and inspiring others to grow in both themselves and their dance …. and has a strong focus when it comes to others dance technique. She continues each year to pursue training from Brazilian mestres, and locally through other dances forms in the pursuit of bettering her dance.
2019 Runner up, Level 4 ProAm Chacha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble
2016 Champion, Level 5 Pro/Am Chacha Champion
2014 Champion, Auckland top female street latin social dancer
2013 Champion, NZ Open Latin Couple (Samba de Gafieira)
2009 Champion, NZ Salsa Team Champions
2009 Runners up, Hong Kong Asian Open Salsa Team
1999 Champion, NZ Amateur Salsa Champion


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