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Peter & Kama


Peter & Kama have both been travelling the world

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Peter has been involved in movement from the time he could walk. He was exposed to partner dance and music through his parents. As a child he spent most of his time in competitive sport, dance, martial arts and physical development. All of which is part of what makes his style his own. 

Peter is also a qualified PT. A strong focus on balance and control throughout movements, and understanding the human body are in part due to his work as a Personal Trainer, along with spending much of his life studying martial arts like Tang Soo Do, Karate, Hapkido, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira, as well as yoga and gymnastics. 

Peter has taught various styles of dance through his career but has a strong focus on Brazilian Zouk. He teaches regular Brazilian Zouk classes as well as private lessons, choreography for teams, competition and special events such as weddings across Sydney, Australia, as well as workshops at dance festivals around Australia and the world. He has taught in many countries including the USA, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel and Australia.

My name’s Kama. I’m a Sydney local from a ballroom dance background. I started Latin dance in 2011 and haven’t looked back since. After studying samba no pé for a few years in Sydney I decided to go straight to the source. In 2013 I moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I lived there for over four years, only returning to Sydney in 2017. I spent my time in Rio studying dance full time with the masters. I studied bolero and forro with Alvaro Reyes. I studied samba gafeira with Bolacha and samba funkeado with Jimmy de Oliveira. However my driving passion is Zouk and I studied traditional Zouk under the masters Renata Pecanha and Jorge Peres for more than 3 years. Then in 2015 I spent the year training neo zouk and teaching with Mafie Zouker.

 Since the beginning of my dance career I’ve had the honour of performing at various events including: parading in the Rio carnival 6 times as a passista and in Bolacha’s choreographies, various tv presentations, opening of shopping centres and the 2016 World Cup closing ceremony. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching zouk at regular classes for over a year in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro as well as conducting various workshops. I’ve also had the honor of teaching at some amazing events including: renata pecanhas summer Zouk in Rio Congress, bergs Congress Porto Seguro, Zouk day são Paolo and since I’ve been back in Australia, sydney zouk weekender. Now I’m back in Australia I’m excited to share my knowledge and passion and continue to spread Latin dance in my home country.



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