Karen  & Xarjie


Karen started Kmotion dance studio in...


Karen is the founder & Director of Kmotion Dance studio in Canberra where it is a home to many of our awesome Zouk friends & has contributed greatly to the vibrant Latin scene.

Xarjie began his dance training in Ceroc (aka. Modern Jive) in 2002 for about 2 years. Took a break from dancing as he pursued his Physiotherapy studies. In late 2009 he discovered his passion for Zouk Lambada (aka Brasilian Zouk). Since then he has trained in Brasilian Zouk extensively both locally, and internationally. For the love of Brasilian Zouk, Xarjie has travelled internationally to countries such as Brazil, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, and Czech Republic.  In Australia, he has choreographed, performed and competed in events such as Casa do Zouk, Brazil Central, Sydney International Zouk Festival, Sydney Latin Dance Festival, and Australian Latin Dance Championships.

Xarjie has also been taught by an extensive list of international dancer artists such as Kadu & Larissa, Bruno & Eglantine, Alex & Matilhde, Xandy & Evelyn, Bebe & Rachel, Solange Dias, Adilio Porto, Renata Pecanha, Renato Veronezzi, and Dadinho Jefferson to name a few. Currently, Xarjie is Brazilian Zouk instructor at Kmotion Dance Studio. He also has interests in other dance styles such as Argentine Tango, and Kizomba. His Physiotherapy background has allowed Xarjie to integrate his teaching and learning from a holistic, scientific and biomedical approach. Recently, he has furthered his studies in dance injury management and prevention through health professional courses in “Dance teacher & health professional training workshop – level 1” Jan 2017, and “Foot and ankle in dance” July 2017. Xarjie’s philosophy is that dance is form of artistic self-expression through a sequence of precise movement enhanced by music. Partner dancing is then a form of non-verbal communication between 2 or more people through self-expression. Like a civilised conversation without words. With this analogy in mind, a partner-dance should be interactive and eloquent. His goal as a teacher is to help facilitate students to become independent thinkers, to maximise each student’s potential as a dancer, to customise teachings to suit individuals’ needs, and to promote social connection between students.