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Rafael  & Juliana


Another amazing dance story, This lovely couple first met at ...

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Friends and part of the same dance team since 2008, Juliana Lima and Rafael Pitarello became official dance partners in 2011 and started to develop different choreographs and projects since then, including being part of important events and festivals, and also teaching regular classes in different dance schools in São Paulo.

IIn 2016, they moved to Brisbane – Australia, where they have since been promoting and strengthening the Brazilian dance culture, with an emphasis on Samba de Gafieira, Brazilian Zouk, Bolero and Forró, at different events and as part of the Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy team.

Dancing since she was a kid, Juliana fell in love with partner dancing (Dança de Salão – ‘the Brazilian Ballroom’) when she was only 14 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Specialized as a partner dance instructor and choreographer with focus on Brazilian Dance Styles such as Samba de Gafieira and Brazilian Zouk, Juliana has been teaching and performing with Rafael since 2011 in different events around the world and currently lives in Brisbane, Australia.  

Graduated in Physical Education, Rafael started dancing in 2008 and has been developing his career with focus on Brazilian dance styles since then, teaching and performing in different events and dance congresses, including touring around Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina as part of the Costa Cruises Dancing Team (2010-2011 and 2011-2012). Since 2011, Rafael has been working alongside Juliana sharing their knowledge and passion about dance.



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