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Jiten & Riana


This is a romantic partnership that melt your heart and ...

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Best known for their joyous energy, playful choreographies, and dance technique, Jiten and Riana are Brazilian Zouk dancers and teachers all the way from Perth. This couple has established themselves with entertaining performances that showcase their diverse and unique dance abilities. They train hard but have fun doing so, and this is evident in everything that they do.

When it comes to competitions, both are certified judges for the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council, and their penchant for good technique and smooth transitions is discernible. As a competitor, Jiten was the first dancer in the world to move into the distinguished advanced category for Jack and Jill competitions. Individually and together, Jiten and Riana have competed and placed in many national and international Brazilian Zouk competitions and were the champions at their last Strictly competition (Singapore Zouk Sensation). 

Initially training with world champions Alisson & Audrey, they have since made a name for themselves and honed their craft with a variety of Teacher Training, Professional Development Courses, Intensive Courses, and Masterclasses to learn from internationally renowned Zouk artists: Jorge & Renata, Alex & Matilde, Layssa, Arthur, William & Paloma, Anderson & Brenda, Lucas & Bruna, and more.

They also love to travel and have danced all around the world – being inspired by the variety of Brazilian Zouk dancing, congresses, and classes along the way – and incorporate it into their own teaching and dancing back home.

Bringing love, light, and joy into their dancing, Jiten and Riana are truly a delight to watch and learn from. With every breath, they aim to share the happiness that dancing zouk brings to them.



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