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Izzy & Steve


Izzy and Steve teamed up in 2016 first performing at ....

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Izzy is passionate about people, human movement, wellness, expression and learning. This has led her to many years of dance and academic study to become both an accomplished and accredited dance teacher and have a career in neurological physical rehabilitation. Izzy utilizes her unique combination of skills in her classes, drawing on neuroscience, psychology, anatomy, movement learning theory, classical and contemporary ballet, yoga and silvestre techniques among many others.Izzy has a dance history like many professional teachers, starting ballet and jazz at a young age. Izzy studied and performed these styles plus contemporary for over 20 years, and completed a dance teaching certificate.

After she discovered Latin dance in 2006, Izzy explored all the latin dance styles, especially Tango, Salsa and of course Zouk, and gained a wide breadth of knowledge and skills. Her passion and skills lead her to be asked to dance and teach professionally including teaching Cuban Salsa, co-creating Bachamilonga and performing in Latin shows locally and throughout Australia such as “Ole Ola” and Tango show “One night in Buenos Aires”.

Izzy opened the only Zouk dedicated dance school Dance IM in Melbourne in 2012, after many years focusing on zouk and extensively travelling to further her studies.
As well as being well known for her local zouk classes, she has been invited to teach and perform at many events around Australia and Brazil including Brazil Central, the Berg Zouk Congress and has helped teach alongside one of zouk’s creators Adilio Porto in Australia and Brazil. 
Izzy’s widespread dance skills and experience, along with her extensive knowledge and skills she draws on from outside the dance world make her classes unique. She aims to give classes that not only give you technique and steps but which allow you to expand your experience, learn something new and walk out with a smile.

Izzy and Steve teamed up in 2016 first performing at Casa do Zouk. Steve has been a part time dancer for 30 years across many styles, learning, social dancing, performing and teaching.  Steve love’s to learn and help others to learn. After first seeing zouk in 1998 in Brazil Steve was hooked but it wasn’t until 2015 when he joined Izzy at Dance IM to focus on Zouk. Steve’s enthusiasm and passion for zouk  was reignited and zouk remains to this day his passion.



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