Bebe is a ‘nativo’ from Porto Seguro, (Brazil) – a special place where the Brazilian Lambada was born under the swaying palm trees..


Bebe is a ‘nativo’ from Porto Seguro, (Brazil) – a special place where the Brazilian Lambada was born under the swaying palm trees and stars, the movements influenced by ocean waves and the happy-go-lucky attitude that baianos are famous for. He learned Lambada and Samba Axe as a child – dancing on the beach during the day, and in the clubs at night that were famous all over Brazil. By 14yo he was teaching and performing as a professional dancer in the Axe Cabanas, and by 18yo he was in travelling internationally as a high-profile instructor and in-demand performer of Zouk Lambada and Samba.

As one of the most in-demand international instructors/performers, Bebé has professionally worked across 5 continents: countries including Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Netherlands, Chile, Belgium, England, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, Scotland, Malaysia, Malta, and Brazil. His partners include some of the most talented & celebrated dancers in the Brazilian dance world: Patricia Cruz, Josy Borges, Solange Dias & Romina. Working closely alongside colleague Braz dos Santos, Bebé has been at the forefront of the development of the Lambazouk style of Zouk Lambada.
Bebé was member of the famous samba bands called Axe BA and Papanalimgua, and made appearances on many television shows in Brazil, Chile, Peru & Argentina (including Programa do Livre (Globo), Programa do Ratinho (SBT) and Programa do Tineli).

His Brazilian dance company LAMBAZOUK BRAZIL is nationally recognised in Australia as a leader in Brazilian Lambada. He has been invited to teach & perform at prestigious events such as Sydney Latin Festival, Brazil Central Zouk Lambada Congress (Brisbane), Doudoule Latin Dance Camp (Gold Coast), and also at latin dance schools in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane & Mackay. He has also made featured appearances on TV (Channel 9 Today show)
Dance congresses where Bebé has featured as a headline Artist include:
*  Bergs International Zouk Lambada Congress (Brazil)
*  Amsterdam Brazilian Dance Congress (Netherlands)
*  Dansabrasil Barcelona International Lambada/Zouk Congress (Spain)
*  London Zouk Lambada Congress (United Kingdom)
*  ZoukFest London (United Kingdom)
*  Brazil Central (Australia)
*  Sydney Latin Festival (Australia)

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