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Peter & Jessica

From Sydney 

Peter & Jessica started their wonderful partnership in 20....

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Jessica was exposed to partner dancing at a young age from 7 years old with Latin & ballroom. She has then moved onto other partnerwork dance styles from salsa, mambo, bachata, kizomba, chacha, west coast swing, lindy hop, hustle, rock n roll, blues,  samba de gaffiera, forro, rockabily, tango, balboa & Brazilian zouk which is currently her most passionate style.  

Jessica fell in love with Brazilian Zouk 13 years ago and has been teaching this style regularly for 8 years now in Sydney. She did her teacher training program at Latin Dance Australia under the guidance of Jaime Jesus who taught her how to teach Brazilian Zouk, Cuban salsa, mambo, salsa on 1, cha cha and bachata. She has then undergone further training in Zouk doing the MAC teacher's training course developed by Alex de Carvalho to continue upskilling and has learnt from many zouk artists all around the world during her years of travel.

Jessica currently teaches regular Zouk classes at Latin Dance Australia. Because of her dance physiotherapy background, she has a unique approach of teaching by breaking down movements biomechanically and analysing them in a methodical way. Her privates lessons and classes has a strong emphasis on dance conditioning, strength & flexibility exercises and learning how to move the body in a safe and efficient way to avoid injuries. She has a passion to help every student be able to see their full potential and help them dance at their peak. She is also well known for her effortless spins and has been nicknamed "Australia's Little Spin Queen". She has helped many dancers around the world achieve their spin and dance goals through individually tailored exercise programs working on their deficits and turning them into their strengths.

Jessica has taught at many festivals including Sydney Zouk Festival, Sydney International Bachata festival, Sydney Latin Festival, Brisbane Zouk Festival, Brisbane Latin Festival, Casa Do Zouk, The Zouk Lounge, Zouk Zoom Fest, Mackay Dance festival, Canberra Latin Dance Festival, New Zealand Latin Open, Hamner Latin dance Festival, Boracay Dance Festival, Brazouky, Japan Salsa Congress, LA Salsa festival and many others locations around the world. She also runs zouk (& other styles) student performance teams for LDA for many of the above festivals too. Jessica & Jaime also received an award for being the first artists to introduce Zouk to the community in Cebu, Philippines. They've helped grow and spread  the love of Zouk in Cebu and Boracay over the last few years as well as many others places around the world. They are now currently teaching it locally in Sydney.

Peter has been involved in movement from the time he could walk. He was exposed to partner dance and music through his parents. As a child he spent most of his time in competitive sport, dance, martial arts and physical development. All of which is part of what makes his style his own. 

Peter is also a qualified PT. A strong focus on balance and control throughout movements, and understanding the human body are in part due to his work as a Personal Trainer, along with spending much of his life studying martial arts like Tang Soo Do, Karate, Hapkido, MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira, as well as yoga and gymnastics. 

Peter has taught various styles of dance through his career but has a strong focus on Brazilian Zouk. He teaches regular Brazilian Zouk classes as well as private lessons, choreography for teams, competition and special events such as weddings across Sydney, Australia, as well as workshops at dance festivals around Australia and the world. He has taught in many countries including the USA, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel and Australia.

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