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We are happy to announce that for this year we will be having a new concept added to our festival and that is called "Discussions on The Green". 

These will take place over the lunch break on Friday & Saturday, right in the Gardens at the back of the studios, where we will be having a food van and spaces for everyone to relax and socialise. 

The aim for this concept is to engage our wonderful dancers in topics that matter in our dance scene, whether it is about the individual's growth and journey or the community, and to have a friendly and interesting conversation among your peers.

Our lovely community members will be running these discussion and they would love you to join them and participate. :)

Possible topics for the weekend's discussion are - 

'How to be a desirable dancer'

'How to grow as a dancer and progress'

Friday Pannal:

We have Jiten to lead the discussion with help of Heidi, Riana, Sunny, Stephy & JoJo :) 

Sat Panna:

We have lovely Shannon leading it with company of Jack , Izzy, Adam, Trajano, Kylie.

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