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Who is keen to spend the Monday post festival with us and our International artists taking them to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary followed by beach party at Currumbin Beach?! :)

So if you are game enough to wake up early and hit the road at 9am on the Monday the 25th Nov, then let's go and have some fun. :)


> 9.00 am Leaving Brisbane from Old Museum
> 10.00 am Arriving at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
> 12.00 pm Lunch at the Sanctuary (not catered)
> 1.30 pm Arrive at Currumbin Beach
> 4.00 pm Leave Currumbin Beach
> 5.00 pm Arrive back in Brisbane


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 


Currumbin Beach



We need 20 people to pre-book to get discounted entry to Currumbin WIldlife Sanctuary. Group discount is $29 (usually $49 full price, or $39 with discount coupons). Note: To obtain group discount we need to book & pay in advance.



We will be hiring a couple of mini buses to take us there and back and looking at $20 per person for the return bus fare.

👉 Lunch

Lunch can be purchased at the sanctuary.

here is a link for the menu:



We are also looking into getting our Brisbane crowd involved and ask them to bring their car and we can reduce the transport fare by using our local friends' car.

Let's go and make our International artists feel welcomed and have fun getting to know them.

Much Love,

Behrouz & Sibell
from your BZF team

Monday Day Trip & Beach Party
25 Nov 2019, 9:00 am
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary