DJ  Eternal

From Adelaide

DJ Eternal has been dancing since 2008 and ...


Peter Tri (DJ Eternal) is a Latin music DJ and Zouk music remixer from Adelaide, Australia.  He started his journey in the Latin dance scene back in 2008 when he decided to take up Salsa as a new hobby.  Salsa was a lot of fun and quickly consumed his life, allowing him to grow and develop as a person as well as a performer.  However, after several years of training and performing, things became stale so he decided it was time to consider trying other genres in the Latin dance scene.  While he tried Bachata and Cha Cha, it wasn't until he saw Kadu and Larissa perform their routine "Cry" one year that he discovered his passion was for ZOUK!  Zouk offered something unique that the other styles did not - it was sensual, it was technical, and most importantly, it provided a real feeling of connection.  Furthermore, he couldn't help but really fall in love with the beat of the music as well!


Peter has been interested in Zouk since 2012 when he attended and performed at his very first Zouk event called "Brazil Central" in Brisbane, Australia.  Being such a huge fan and collector of Zouk music from artists such as Mafie Zouker, Cronus and Max Blacksoul at the time, it wasn't long after that he decided out of curiosity, to have a go at making his very own Zouk remixes.

The project began with a lot of fun and excitement.  It was a great opportunity to learn new things and express his creativity through music.  However, he soon found the process rather challenging, having no prior knowledge or experience in the music production process.  But after lots of patience, frustrations, persistence, and many countless hours of testing, his first remix was finally produced and a few months later, his debut album "The Beginning" was born!  The journey started out in 2013 as a personal goal and learning experience but has only continued till this day, eight albums later, thanks to the encouragement and appreciation from the Zouk community around the world.


DJ Eternal has played at major events such as Brazil Central, Australian Ilha Do Zouk, Sydney International Zouk Festival, Zouk Station, and locally in Adelaide for Evolution Dance Studio.