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Anderson & Brenda


They first met at Salsa congress in 2010 where Anderson invited Brenda for a dance... the rest is history.

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Anderson & Brenda… Do they even need an introduction? One of the world’s top international Brazilian Zouk artists from São Paulo, Brazil. Many of us watch in awe how these two wonderful people can be so connected by body, mind & soul through the flow of music. Behind their beautiful movements & expressions lies layer-upon-layer of dance technicality that allows their deep connection philosophy to flow like blood through the body.

These beautiful dancers have been together since November 2011, and through many experiences and teachings and self discovery have together created an understanding and connection in their dance which is breathtaking to witness.


Anderson started dancing from the age of 12 and was inspired by the many dance competitions on television. He dances all of the styles of Brazilian salon and latin dance styles and was very successful in dance and choreography competitions. At age 20 he entered the international world of dance by participating in a Brazilian dance company, and continuing on to create a professional partnership with Vanessa Jardin working and giving classes as well as winning competitions and participating in several festivals and congresses around the world. 

Brenda met the ballroom dance at age 20 and delved deep into her learning, including dedicating herself to training and discovering with the masters; most notably taking several courses such as 6 Teacher Training Courses with Jaime Aroxa, Tango workshops with Horacio Godoy in Buenos Aries, and attending numberous congresses in various dance styles as well as learning privately with renowned professionals such as Jimmy de Oliveira, Renata Peçanha, Carlos Bolacha, Adílio Porto, Fernando Schelenberg and Nayara Melo and many others.

At the time meeting each other in 2011, Anderson and Brenda's connection was immediate and deep, and a new partnership was formed with the couple travelling, teaching, and participating in competitions and together winning many awards.

Upon returning to Brazil in 2015, they had a major crisis in relation to their purpose as artists, which defined a new phase in the life of the couple: transforming dance not only into a tool for health and well-being for the body, but also for the mind and consciousness, making the evolution of dance, walk along with human development and from there study different techniques and methodologies such as Eutonia, Alexander Technique, Human Development in Pro Life, Mindfulness, Theatahealing, Neuroscience, Tantra, Sacred Male and Female , Nonviolent Communication, Course in miracles and many other sources of self-knowledge with the aim of integrating body and mind into the relationship of dance to two.


The result of this new phase is visible in the demonstrations of intense connection, fun and pleasure whether in class, choreography or improvisation.​

In this new trajectory they had the opportunity to work in the development of this new vision of the dance together with the artist Xandy Liberato during 1 year and exploded in the market of the Zouk integrating many elements of these new discoveries in the ballroom dance. During this time they also created a series of courses such as 'Intensive with A & B', 'Immersion with A & B' with its own methodology that continues in development and have visited at least 40 cities around the world, teaching from workshops to retreats of mindfulness because of the wide vision that the study of this integration of body, mind and conscience has brought to the relationship of ballroom dance.

For the future the couple intends to formalize the development of this technique of self-knowledge in dance to two and create a center of integration of mind, body and consciousness.  In their teachings and philosophy of dance, their emphasis is not only on the movement and technique of the dance, but also with a strong concentration on the student's understanding of the connection with himself, with the pair, 'the two', and with the music. 

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